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We are looking to partner with brands who want to inject a dose of fantasy into their product lines. Whether you are trying to fill a subscription box, add new products to your online or brick and mortar store, and provide products for your gaming events, we would love you to join our family. 

Wholesale discounted prices are available to customers that will resell our products to the consumer through an established retail store or website. Please provide a copy of your resale license or State tax ID to verify eligibility. Our current prices and suggested retail are here on our site

  • Elven Bread Soap (Case of 6)

    $26.40/$4.40 unit

  • Firestorm (Case of 8)

    $57.60/$7.20 unit

  • Eldritch Blast (Case of 8)

    $57.60/$7.20 unit

  • Elven Bread (Case of 8)

    $57.60/$7.20 unit

  • Feywild Bloom's (Case of 8)

    $57.60/$7.20 unit

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Guild of the Arcane

Wholesale Terms

Minimum Order

The minimum order is $150 at regular wholesale pricing. If you order $500 or more, there will be an additional 10% wholesale discount on your order. 

Payment Process

For first-time wholesale clients, 100% payment is required upfront. Once your requested items are calculated with the shipping cost, a PayPal invoice/ payment request will be sent to you. Upon payment, your order will be processed, packaged, and shipped, then you will be sent the tracking for your box. 

For regular customers, 50% payment is required as a deposit to begin your order, and the remainder is paid upon your receipt of the tracking for your order. 

Fullfilment/ Lead Time

If we have inventory, your order will be shipped within 4-5 business days, and sometimes same-day shipment. If you have a rush order, please let us know, and we will try and get it to you sooner if possible.  

If there is no inventory, fresh soap will be made to fulfill your order. Due to the nature of cold process soaps, they require time to cure. From the time of unmolding and cut, they take 4- 6 weeks to fully cure and be ready for use. We will maintain communication with you so that you know when your order is being made. Then we will put together a timeline of when you should be expecting your shipment and your soaps! 


All orders are shipped using UPS. Shipping costs will be included in your invoice and will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs. 

Damaged Items

It is up to the customer to report any damaged goods to us. You have up to 7 days after shipment to let us know of any problems. Before we can validate your claim, we need detailed pictures of all damage to the products you received to our email, We will then issue a credit or send a replacement product free of charge. Arcane Soapworks LLC accepts no liability for any loss resulting from the customer's failure to comply with our carrier's delivery. If the carrier returns the shipment to our office, then you will be liable for any shipping cost and credit for all products returned in sellable condition.  

International Orders

Currently not accepting international orders at this time

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