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Bairik Netherborn & Galan The Enchanter

Bairik Netherborn & Galan The Enchanter

Once upon a time, in a deep and dark underground mine, there hatched a most unusual kobold named Bairik Netherborn. He was different from his brethren in both look and temperament. Bairik was thin in frame with orange scales and gifted with wings and a long tail. His wings were an iridescent blue-purple, and when he flew, they shimmered in the dimly lit tunnels. Bairik was a curious and bold kobold who loved to explore unknown places and was fascinated by the elves that lived in the city above the den.

Instead of working in the mining tunnel with other kobolds, he would often sneak away and explore the elven city, nearby forests, shops, and houses of elven folk. He was in awe at the smells of elven bread baking and the delicious food stewing. He loved the craftsmanship of the elven buildings, clothing, armor, and trinkets. He also admired the lush cultivated forest of the elven folk and the magic they practiced. He even began to pick up the language of the elves after spending soo much time sneaking around and observing them.

One day, while Bairik was exploring, he came across a little magical shop ran by an old elven wizard named Galan Valyrn. Curious, he waited for an unsuspecting patron to enter and sneaked in behind their cloak unseen. The shop was full of trinkets and enchanted items, some of which were just shiny charms of gold and silver and some that were brimming with powerful magic. Bairik would take the trinkets he thought were old and wouldn't be missed or noticed back home with him to play.

Galan was a patient and kind-hearted elf with a mischievous streak who loved to play pranks on his customers. He would enchant his magical items for sale with prank spells for amusement. However, never anything harmful, and his pranks were always good-natured. He was wise and knowledgeable about magic and had spent many years studying the arcane arts. He had a strong interest in and had mastered the skill of enchantment.

Galan had always been fascinated with kobolds spending much time reading countless books and scrolls detailing kobold biology, culture, and legends. He had always wanted to befriend one to learn more about their people, but their skittish nature would never allow such a meeting. Bairik was the first kobold Galan ever encountered within proximity throughout his long life. He was also the only kobold he ever saw with wings.

Secretly, Galan always knew when Bairik came to visit the shop. He had enchanted a small bell to ring whenever the young kobold entered the store after noticing him sneak in the first time. He began to note Bairik's fascination with shiny trinkets, so when Bairik would leave, Galan would work through the night to make new trinkets for him to find on his next visit. These trinkets included an old-looking ring that would allow him to create small orbs of fire, a tarnished necklace that would form a protective magical skin over his scales, and an elven coin that would turn the immediate environment into a dark night or bright daylight if flipped.

One day, Galan finally decided to approach Bairik. The wizard charmed an amulet to freeze his body in time once touched, but he could still hear Galan's words. Bairik was terrified. "He was finally caught" he thought. But the kind elf Galan let the scared kobold boy know he had nothing to fear, and he was welcomed here in the shop and no longer had to sneak in. Bairik was still nervous, but he knew this was his chance to learn more about the elves who lived above.

So they talked and shared stories about their people, and over many years and countless visits, forged a strong bond and friendship.

Bairik soon grew to maturity and learned much from the elven wizard. The young kobold even shared his dream to become a great wizard and adventure around the world with the enchanter. But he was too afraid to leave Galan and the safety of his world.

What Bairik did not know was that the wizard was nearing the end of his lifespan. Galan was over 2000 years old, a surprisingly long life for an elf of common birth. But his life of creating enchantments drained much of his lifeforce and day by day, made him weaker.

One day the curious kobold came to the shop to visit his friend and found him slouched over on his desk. He had passed away the night before while working on a last trinket he would pour his last remaining magic into.

On Galan's work table in his hand was an ornate carved wooden box and a letter with Bairik's name. The kind wizard had left a final gift for the little kobold and also his dying wish. It was a final trinket made just for him and a letter saying:

"I have given you all the tools you need to become who you were always meant to be. A great adventurer! In this box is my final gift to you. Be not afraid, for you are the brave kobold boy that dared to explore my shop of wonders. Venture into the world and show them your greatness. Goodbye, my dearest friend."

Bairik opened the box, and inside was a little staff made of twisted ember wood with a magical crystal to help amplify Bairiks magic. The brave kobold curled up with the lifeless body of his dealy departed friend and wept.

He would go on to become great.
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